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Contraceptive services

Advice to patients before fitting an implant

Click here to download an information sheet to review before you have an implant fitted.

Nexplanon patient information leaflet

Click here to download the Nexplanon Patient Information Leaflet

Mirena leaflet

Click here to download a leaflet about the Mirena coil.

Kyleena leaflet

Click here to download a leaflet about the Kyleena coil

Coil information leaflet

Before your coil fitting please read through this leaflet. The Clinician you are seeing will be able to answer any questions that you have.

Click here to download.

Continuous pill taking information

Please click here to download information relating to continuous pill taking.

Sayana press

Please click here for information on Sayana Press.

Sexual health clinic

The Northern contraception, sexual health and HIV service has online booking at