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Medical education

Medical students

The practice is involved in the education of medical students who are attached to the practice for short periods. If you do not wish to have the student present during your consultation please inform the reception staff prior to seeing the doctor.

Supporting NHS research

West Timperley Medical Centre is actively involved in research to help improve medical knowledge about illness and so develop better treatments for patients.

We work with the research arm of the NHS, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), to offer our patients the opportunity to take part in ethically approved research studies. As a patient, you may at times be offered the opportunity to be involved in research studies which the Practice has agreed to support – there is no obligation to take part and if you decline it will not affect your treatment in any way.

The Practice’s level of involvement may range from simply having identified a suitable group of people from our database for an external researcher, to being a site where research activity is carried out. We have participated in many studies which covered different areas of medicine, including; diabetes, asthma, cancer, cholesterol, COPD and Osteoarthritis.